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Pulling out all stops to procrastination

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So the exam period is upon us and I’ve been held down in solitary confinement for over a week trying to get some study done. It’s working so far and I’m feeling more confident about the exams than I had been two weeks ago. Not very much has happened during the semester. A few get-togethers, numerous 21sts and a whole lot of unibar. Can’t say my alcohol tolerance is very impressive, but it’s all fun in the same. If a not so recent incident has taught me anything, I should turn up to my microbiology exam drunk if I plan to ace it. The past few Roundhouse parties we’ve been to hadn’t lived up to the hype of how it was back in first year. Maybe we’re immune to them now, and after a night at the Roundhouse, it’s always regrettable and we always say how we should’ve went to Star Bar instead. If you want good music you can dance to (none of that indie shit, [despite how much I love, I think it’s impossible for any rhythmic body to move fluidly to]) and cheap drinks.

There’s four more days til my first exam and half an hour left til the World Cup opening ceremony.

I should’ve taken notes in my social psychology tutes.


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June 11, 2010 at 9:27 pm

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Since neither of us have seen each other for a good month or two, Nails and I decided to hang out yesterday and she nicely took us into Slurry Hills to check out the Ladakh sales. I’ve never been to these things before, because I had assumed you had to get yourself ready by 7, be there by 8 (in the morning) and line up in this massive queue. Not yesterday, though. Yesterday was just a nice, browsy day. I ended up getting a white dress for $20. I don’t really know when I’ll be wearing it, but I like the material and embroidery on the collar. I mainly purchase clothes due to their cut, fabric and colour. Now I have two white dresses. The other one was a white toga style with plaited straps from Kookai. Kookai impress me in terms of fabric, but am not too crazy on the styles available. You’d be surprised how easily you can find similar knock-off styles in Supre for half the price (or even less than).

We went to Ramen Kan after that and I tried out the new vegetarian menu. Gasp! I am usually the first to pick out the raw items (Kaisen Don), but I wanted to try something new. Tofu steak is delicious! It comes with a serving of salad, and it gave me enough space in my tummy for dessert. Nails introduced me to this Asian ice cream place where they have the standard flavours as well as black sesame and green tea. The place was called Y2K somewhere in Chinatown, just a few places down from the cake shop. It was awesome.

Came back to Liverpool Officeworks after that to get some school supplies. They didn’t stock those Uniball pens that I usually get, and I can’t find them elsewhere other than individually in newsagencies, which charge a lot for it (unfair). I am looking forward to this semester. It’ll be much more easier for me to attend lectures without even trying because a few of them are in the same room right after each other. I’ll mostly be in upper campus this semester, which is good, because Mathews is the only food court with decent food. The next closest thing to that is Randwick. And dear god! If you go to Stock Market and ask for the strawberry and banana smoothie and replace the strawberries with blueberries, you get this delicious purple concoction that’s to die for! Yes, looking very forward to it now. Being based in upper campus also means I can lounge out on the library lawn during breaks. Last semester, I had to always trek it up there, and that means several servings of stairs.

With less than a week to go, my first class starts on Monday at 9AM. I really cannot wait to see the bus queue line. I’ve never started the year at this time before, and this is about as early as it gets, so it’s sure to be phenomenal. I heard it stretches all the way to the bridge under where the trains run. That’s just epic. Can’t wait.

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February 24, 2010 at 5:41 am

Oh, you poor Libran

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In order to maintain peace and harmony with everyone, you may wear many different masks, depending on whom you are with, Melina. By doing this, however, you may forget your own inner truth and what it is that you truly believe. Friction between your outer, lively, and communicative outside and your soft, tender, vulnerable insides is likely to make it difficult for you to find the solution you are looking for. You have the answers you need. You just need to trust yourself when you find them.

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February 15, 2010 at 2:38 pm

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They’re coming!

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I’m in hiding at the moment. Not from the Immigration Department, but from these particular cousins (who are probably worse) who’ve decided to just drop by uninvited. They seem to do this every Chinese new year and it gives me the shits. This time last year, I was smart enough to leave the house, but because they didn’t come yesterday, I had assumed they would not be coming at all. I have obviously forgotten about Sunday, which is still very much part of the weekend and is today. It’s not so much my cousins who annoy me, but their goddamn bratty children who do everything from running around the house really loudly and pulling things off shelves. I’ve decided to take refuge in my room and when said visitors have inquired about my M.I.A-ness, my parents, understanding of the fact that I am annoyed by surprise visitors, did a great job of lying and said I was stuck in bed with the fever. It seemed to be forgotten very shortly afterwards.

There’s probably nothing more domestically annoying than people dropping over without informing us earlier. It’s not polite, it doesn’t give us any time to be ready and we’re just supposed to let them in? Get fucked. Although, I do suppose that with our extended family, they do just drop by whenever they feel it’s convenient for them. I don’t think I’d ever consider going over to somebody’s place without perhaps asking. It’s all down to basic manners in the end.

There’s so many things rushing through my mind at the moment. So far, they all include escape plans, but that’d be unsuccessful, because I have the “fever”, or am supposed to, and what would they think if I were to just walk past the lot of them to get through the front door. Even if I go through the back door, I’d still have to slip past them. Dammit.

I am feeling a little nibblish, but it’s the unnecessary type, and I can’t get to the fridge, either, without passing them. Now I am starting to understand why people have their whole lives in their bedrooms. It saves the effort of walking past unwelcomed relatives.

I have this Friday to look forward to, but apart from all that, everything is looking pretty mediocre. Especially my chances at escaping house.

Oh great, I think one of the brats injured themselves because I heard a loud thump followed by crying.

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February 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Asian New Year

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Otherwise known as Chinese New Year, the Chinese aren’t the only ones to celebrate this annual festivity in February, and this could quite possibly be the only holiday that Cabramatta business people take seriously. On most western holidays, the area around here is still buzzing, but not during this weekend, I don’t think. They’ll all be at home with their kids, parents and plenty and plenty of cousins.

Speaking of cousins, my dad went around the house early this morning packing things away, such as our phone chargers left in the lounge and cameras scattered around the kitchen. I didn’t catch why til he explained that my cousins might be coming over tomorrow. Fuck, cousins. I totally forgot about them. We’re not really that close, and even if we were, it’s definitely been a good year or two or even more. Most of my cousins have kids now and the rest are scheduled to be married, so the last group of company I would like to be immersed in is with them. I hate to be cynical, but they only come over so we could give their kids money. Luckily, I wasn’t present for this prestigious occasion last year as I was out. Thank goodness I missed it. I would be spewing if I saw the way the kids terrorised my study. Considering it’s been about two years since I’ve seen them in the house, here’s hoping that they’ve grown up a bit and learnt to keep their hands to themselves.

I’m not very good at family functions, and I’m not sure if my parents are, either. Well, I’m pretty sure they’re much better at it than me, but we tend to keep to ourselves. There’s nothing more annoying, I can imagine, than relatives streaming in and out of your house on a weekly or daily basis, which I am aware of from some of my friends. Our house is pretty quiet, and I kinda thought this sort of buzz would be welcomed around here, but I guess not. It really depends on the sort of buzz you get. There’s the annoying type and there’s the enjoyable type. At the moment, it’s sitting on the former. I don’t know why I find this so troubling, but it is. Maybe it’s because it’s family and I have no choice but to put up with them. It’s true what they say that line between family and friends and being able to choose, or not choose, and so on.

It’s very tempting to pull something out of the bag and find an excuse to leave the house, but that’s just rude. I’m being rude enough expressing my public intolerance for family members and it’s hard to explain why. I only feel this way towards relatives, though. Maybe it’s because when they’re here, they really get in my face and start quizzing me on all sorts of things, such as what I’m doing, what I’m studying or working as, what my average mark is (WTF?! Asians) and how old I am. They never, ever fail to cease asking me how old I am, despite being there when I was born. I don’t know if this is the lowest of bonding on their part, but it sure doesn’t encourage me anymore than it does the fact that they have no idea about anything.

Anyway, time to get out of this shit mode. It was Ivana’s 21st birthday yesterday, so to celebrate, we went lunching in Duy Linh, a vegetarian restaurant in Cabramatta with Jasmina and Nikola. Afterwards, we got some drinks- Halo Halo for me and Strongbow for Ivana and did some catching-up.

Am off now to see Cass. Woo! Noodle House! Noodle House!

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February 12, 2010 at 2:12 pm

The phone

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It occurred to me that I haven’t blogged here in a while now. That’s part good news because it means that I’ve actually been busy doing these things I would be writing about wanting to do, rather than just doing the latter. It’s mostly been filled with catching up with old friends, making new ones and lots of food in between. Lately, I have found myself broke enough to not lavish myself with food anymore and have encountered a newfound love in home cooking. An area to which I find myself very unfamiliar with, but I’m starting off with raw goods, so it minimises the chances of my house catching fire. We don’t have a working oven, so baking is completely out of the question. My house lacks a lot of modern technology, for instance:

– We don’t have a microwave
– We don’t have an oven (see above)
– We don’t have a TV that uses a remote control

I can’t think of anything else that we might not have, but I’m sure the list could go on. The thing is, my parents and I have never really been the savvy tech types and we just kinda make do with what we have and we’re perfectly fine with it. That’s not to say that we’re completely ignorant of the advancements made in technology. I try to make it a deal that I am aware of and understand the latest releases. It’s enough for me, I think, to at least know how they work.

Anyway, speaking of technology, our way of communicating has evolved and I’m sure you’re all aware of the etiquette one must give when corresponding via SMS, mobile phone calls and landline calls. I think there’s a obvious distinction between the last two, and it varies from credit control to radiation worries. At the moment, I personally don’t think people should panic about the alleged link between mobile calls and brain cancer as every single news article that comes up has proved it to be inconclusive. It’s stupid, because as I watch the news, it would show up in the preview and I’d sit there for a good half hour before I am told that there isn’t any strong evidence toward either side. It may be the biggest rhetorical of the generation. So that aside, the SMS comes into question. Is there or should there be certain acceptable and unacceptable mannerisms when you’re sending a text message?

I wouldn’t call myself an avid SMS-erer, but I am an obedient one. By that I mean I’ll pretty much respond to any one SMS within a five minute time period of receiving it (during appropriate hours of the day). I don’t believe in waiting an hour or two (or more) to respond, because that’s just rude. It’s not an email, so a lengthy time period isn’t necessary to formulate any kind of elaborate response that would take the amount of time it takes for some people to reply. SMSes are designed to send quick information and queries. If anyone remembers the older phone models, there was a character limit of 160. That’s just enough for a question and a half and with the taboos of shortcut spelling, these character limits have been pushed on newer models, so we’re able to write in full, and perhaps write with more information than necessary. Most of these days, my SMS volleys have been rants going backward and forward, and completely useless. I don’t know how to feel about something as mundane as an SMS, but the more I think about it, the more discouraging it seems.

Then comes the content of the SMS. Whatever you write in yours is your own business and yada yada, we get it. What I am often confuzzled with is the reciprocity of interest in general SMSes. I don’t suppose being on a plan with several hundred dollars to your credit has anything to do with it, but I was once told of somebody who would send people good morning and goodnight messages every night. I would assume they’re to their close friends, but still. Who the hell does that?? Anyway, with that point, how do you go about with people not replying, nevermind taking forever to answer. That’s sure to happen at least several times in our SMS exposure. Then again, some of you may be thinking ‘big deal, it’s an SMS. What’s the problem?’ Despite the small scale of the SMS in our communication pyramid, it is nonetheless, a form of interacting. Much like speaking in person, or speaking on the phone, while it may shield most of us from participating in a real life conversation, it is still simulating content exchange, and with any exchange, there are particular attributes that make it a good one.

So you walk into a room, see a friend, sidle up to them and start a conversation. You begin with a ‘how are you?’ and work your way up. Unfortunately, in some cases, it ends there because some people don’t know how to reciprocate general sentiments. It should actually be second nature to know what this means, how meaningless the sentiment is, but how polite it is to ask anyway, just because it is. Sadly, the delinquency in general mannerisms don’t stop there. Particular questions in SMSes sometimes go unanswered and these are the ones that are specific enough to indicate that it is not a general ‘hello, how are you? I don’t really care’ kind-of-thing. I understand some people may not be as physically attached to their phone, and I mean, have it on them at all times, so it’s only normal to assume that their replies are not as immediate as one would have hoped. Then there are people who only check their phone on what seems like a once-every-two-days basis. Objectively, that’s fine, do whatever; but personally, man, why do you own a fucking phone if you’re not going to bother checking it at decent intervals? Why give out your number and tell people to message or call when it only goes to Voicemail or if you’re going to have it turned off? What a douche.

I also find SMS volleys interesting. Particularly in the time it takes for each message to be sent to still count as being part of the volley. I still think 5 minutes and less would count. The last few messages of the volley always fizzle out and become something close to grunts instead of language. I guess, just a way of closing off the exchange.

Goodbye? It’s an SMS. You don’t really need to say goodbye and have it said back to you, do you? How old are you? Would it help your ego if people really did respond to your goodbye? I’ve always been a bit trivial about it. Particularly after a volley, what harm could another SMS do to the other person? 25c, but still. It won’t even get you half a soft serve (depending where you go). Is it worth the 25c to type anything that equates to the three letter send off? Is it necessary? Can’t they just imply that you meant it, or receive it telepathically? That would cut savings, definitely.

In the end, a person’s choice in the time it takes to respond to an SMS or respond altogether is variable. What sucks about SMS technology is that it is a mobile model of already existing online computer applications such as chatrooms and the like. While the merging of Internet and mobile devices provide us with more avenues to communicate, it is a little confusing to compare things such as data charges and credit charges. How can you measure megabytes with $$? Timewise, it takes the same amount of time to post on someone’s wall via Facebook Mobile than it does to send them an SMS, so which one is more recommendable? 25Kb, 25c or 25 seconds?

It’s a nice day outside today. The first day of complete sun for a while, and I don’t know why I’m inside being angry at an SMS (or lack of).

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February 10, 2010 at 9:40 am

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I’m in Macarthur, bitch!

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This past week has been rather full on and I’m exhausted from it all. I could do with staying in for the next week, or at the very least, the next three days. It started with mountain biking on I can’t remember whether it was Sunday or Monday. Geoff, Segolene, Anson and I went up to Springwood, which is in the Blue Mountains to find this bike trail. Unfortunately, we got off at the wrong stop and was supposed to have gotten off several stations ago at Glenbrook. We ended up making the route to Glenbrook our bike trail. I injured myself, as usual. It was heaps fun though, and I still have a 10cm bruise along my inner thigh. Fuckingfantastic. I’d do it again.

The next few days involved trips to Newtown and the city looking for presents and masks for two 21sts happening on the weekend. Jacob, Rajesh, Ray and Jer also came down to Cabra for lunch, though it was a bummer because Noodle House is under construction. Dammit. T’was fun, and we saw a few bogans on Orange Grove. HeKTiK.

Sheetal’s 21st Masquerade

Grace’s birthday was at Waterbar in Kings Cross, and Ulrika and I had a hard time finding it. We left early though, as I had to get to Sheetal’s early the next morning to help get ready for her masquerade themed 21st. It was so much fun! A lot of catching up and eating and dancing. I gained about a kilo or two from eating so much yummy Indian foods. A good thing I stayed home today to detox it off.


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January 25, 2010 at 4:27 pm